Hot Air Ballooning in ABQ

Scott Sheahen took to the skies above Albuquerque for a hot air balloon ride with Rainbow Ryders. Check out the sights 1,000-3,000 feet above Central New Mexico (6,000-8,000 feet above sea level).

Song: Chill

Artist: LiQWYD

Scott Sheahen glided through the skies above Tehachapi, California. Glider pilot Maia McDaniel flew the sailplane thanks to Skylark North Glider Flight School.

Song: Morning Dew

Artist: LiQWYD

Gliding Tehachapi's Skies

Surviving You the Killer Kern River

Scott Sheahen shows you how to navigate the Killer Kern River, which is responsible for killing about 300 people since 1968. With help from River's End Rafting, the Kern River is a fun, safe and exciting river to whitewater raft.

Song: You

Artist: LiQWYD

California had forts that were used during the Civil War. But do you know what side of the war the 31st State supported? Scott Sheahen takes you on a journey of a Civil War reenactment with California fact as your guide through history.

Song: Dixie

Artist: Various

Civil War Adventure at Fort Tejon